What’s in a name?

Poga’s father named his first company after his two sons because he valued his posterity and understood something larger than himself. Similarly, Bells and Bear is named after Poga’s two children — Bells is a nickname for his daughter and Bear is a nickname for his son. This is not a fund that commits solely capital to an enterprise. Your business will be getting a new teammate, too—someone that understands the importance of people, the meaning of family, and the values it takes to run a business the right way. Poga understands the importance of legacy.


Our word is our bond. No exceptions. We conduct ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s how we would want to be treated.


There is no bureaucracy in our firm. We understand that a seller’s situation is unique and we treat it as such. We work to understand your needs and structure our process and transaction to accommodate.


Selling your business shouldn’t be arduous. Any transaction involving such an important aspect of your life should be straightforward. You can expect a clear and concise relationship from us.


You can expect a smooth ownership transition for your firm and employees. They’ll still have a job on Monday. We will use our depth of knowledge to take what you’ve built and realize our mutual goals for growth.