Our Mission

Bells and Bear LLC seeks to acquire a single private company based anywhere in the United States whereupon its principal, Poga Ahn, will assume the role of CEO. This acquisition is generally meant for individuals who are seeking to transition out of their business for personal reasons, to start a new venture, for retirement, or to otherwise significantly reduce work hours. Our intent is to extend and expand the legacy of the business and not to absorb it into a larger private equity portfolio.

The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.
— Benjamin Disraeli

A different type of exit

When you partner with Bells and Bear, you partner with a person, not a firm. Poga is not only the one seeking to lead an investment, he is seeking to run your business. A typical competitive buyer or private equity firm will purchase your business and absorb its operations or slash costs before assimilating it or selling it for a profit. Poga will take what you have built and carry it forward while continuing to grow. He’s in it for the long haul.

what the process looks like

The process starts with our initial conversation. Here we will share mutual information about goals and ourselves to determine if we’re a fit. An NDA will typically be signed. From here we will further assess our fit through an initial face-to-face meet at your office and a series of follow-on conversations. Then, we will proceed with a Letter of Intent to purchase. We will then work together through diligence and a deal closing.

Decades of experience

Bells and Bear is run by a single person, but it’s backed by over a dozen experienced investors in lower middle-market companies. Investors on our team are not only committed via their capital, but have made themselves available throughout the process to ensure we have a smooth and expedient closing.

small fund, large resources

Bells and Bear has access to the capital necessary to facilitate a smooth transaction through many avenues. We remain flexible on terms and capital structure, remaining an understanding party to your needs now and for later.