Successful investing takes time, discipline, and patience.
— Warren Buffett

The items listed below are guidelines. The absence or abundance of the qualities below or another not listed does not expressly preclude a business from consideration.


  • An owner/manager seeking to transition out of daily operations

  • Respected middle management

  • Robust client and supplier relationships

  • Employee longevity

  • Based in the continental United States


  • EBITDA margins of 10-15% or higher

  • A multi-year history of profitability

  • Stable or growing trajectory

  • EBITDA of at least $1.5M+

  • Recurring revenues

  • Quality and diverse customer base


  • Demand trajectory of the industry is sizable and growing

  • Highly fragmented

  • Preferably B2B (B2C not excluded)

  • Low inherent capital expenditure profile

  • Low threat of technological obsolescence or shock